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Our Products

Niton XRF Analyzers

Portable X-ray Fluorescence Technology

Metal & alloy analysis, precious metals in automotive catalysts, mining & exploration, environmental analysis...

Catalyst Converter Crushers KM

Quick & Easy Crushing Solutions

Designed to crush ceramic catalysts blocks and prepare powder sample for even more exact XRF analysis.

Metal Scrap Sorting Magnets

From Super Strong To Small Pendant-Like

Perfect tool for sorting scrap metal or distract metal impurities from powder or other substance.

stands dts_edited_edited.png

Full-Fledged Laboratory Instrument

Test stand ensures comfortable work, more accurate results, operator’s health protection and longer analyser’s service time.

Dosimeter RadEye

Identify Mixed Radioactive Surface Contamination

Reliable contamination and dose rate measurement tools for characterizing α, β, γ and X-ray radiation.

Metal Scrap Shear

Fast & Strong Scrap Metal Cutting 

Designed for different applications in scrap metal and catalytic converter processing.

Catalytic Converter Powder Mixer

Mix Powder From Different Batches

Mixers of MX series have capacity to mix 250-500 kg of powder.

Recycling System

Individual Solutions For  High-Volume Customers

Crushers for Metallic Converter recycling and valuation with dust filtration unit.

Moisture Analyzer

Simplify your


Other very useful tools like samplers, sample cups, moisture analyzers or accessories for your business.



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Keep recycling. Learn from Our Experience.

Experts in recycling and portable analysis
K. Donelaičio g. 62 (BLC Building), LT-44248, Kaunas, Lithuania

Recycling Systems & Consultation

XFR Service, Calibration & Sales

XRF Technical Support, Radiation Safety

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