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Sorting Magnets

Sorting magnets are perfect tools for sorting scrap metal or distract metal impurities from powder or other substances.

Our magnets range from super strong ones to small pendant-like that do their job perfectly or can be a gift.
dsm gud_edited.png

Height: 35mm

Diameter: 84mm

Handle: 142mm

Weight: 1,3kg

Lifting capacity up to 100kg

SMG 0003
smg 0003_edited_edited.png

Lenght: 210mm

Diameter: 22mm

Handle: 110mm

Weight: 0,35kg


Lenght: 40mm

Diameter: 13mm

Stem: 160mm

Weight: 0,06kg

KMG0004 magnet

Lenght: 50mm

Diameter: 14mm

Chain: 500mm

Weight: 0,07kg

KMM0002 Magnet

Lenght: 40mm

Diameter: 11mm

Chain: 30mm

Weight: 0,02kg

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