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Repair of XFR Instruments

48-Hour Quote: Once we receive your instrument, expect a repair estimate within 48 hours.
Quick 7-Day Repairs: We aim to fix your instrument in 7 days, depending on part availability.
No-Risk Quote: No need to worry about charges for checking your instrument; the initial evaluation is free.
Easy Shipping: Just get in touch, and we will arrange courier to pick up the instrument from your place.
Optional Upgrades: Enhance the value of your instrument at a minimal cost—reach out to us for a quote.
Borrow a Replacement: While we are fixing your instrument, we can lend you a temporary one.
1-Year Warranty & Online Support: After the fix, you're covered for a year, and we're here to help online.
Please contact us through inquiries, email or WhatsApp and receive same day answer.
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