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First responders need to quickly identify mixed radioactive surface contamination in facility and field environments.

Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ B20, B20-ER and others are multi-purpose survey meters: they are simple, robust, reliable contamination and dose rate measurement tools for characterizing alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation.

RadEye handheld geiger counters provide an on-site solution for homeland security personnel, fire brigades, emergency response personnel, agencies involved in decontamination and decommissioning projects and hospital and pharmaceutical industry employees
Radeye B20
Redeye B20
Radeye B20-ER
Redeye B20-ER
Radeye NBR
Redeye NBR
Radeye PRD4
Redeye PRD4
Radeye PRD4-ER
Redeye PRD4-ER
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