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Niton XL5 Plus

Niton XL5 Plus
One of the world's lightest and most powerful handheld XRF analyser provides unprecedented performance even for lightweight elements.
Due to advanced electronics, it generates extremely fast results and offers great versatility, low limits of detection and high sample throughput.
This high-end handheld XRF analyser is specifically designed to maximise performance and productivity.


Model: Niton XL5 Plus
Dimensions: 242×208×67.9 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg with battery
Weight with carrying case: 8 kg
New features: “Hot swap” – ability to change battery without turning instrument off
Micro camera (1 MP) and Macro camera (5 MP)
Additional elements, better LOD’s
Reduced weight and size
Radiation source: Micro X-Ray tube: Au anode 50 kV/500μA nom., 5W max.
Detector: SDD detector with GOLDD technology (Geometrically Optimized Large Area Drift Detector) and Peltier cooler
Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth (to support print functionality)
Interface languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese
Country of origin: USA


Ac (“Auto-catalysts”) – analysis of precious metals in ceramic automotive catalysts
G (“All alloys”) – analysis of base metals and alloys
P (“Precious metals”) – analysis of precious metals alloys
M (“Mining”) – analysis of geological samples containing >1%
D (“Soils”) – analysis of geological samples containing <2%
B (“Electronic Metals”) – analysis of alloys used in electronics and electric equipment
H (“Plastics”) – analysis of plastics
Ap (“Consumer Pb-Paint”) – analysis of lead content in paint surface layer
C (“Coatings”) – analysis of single and binary layers on metal substrates
  • Safety lanyard;
  • Two lithium-ion battery packs;
  • 110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adaptor;
  • CD with user manual in English;
  • NitonConnect PC software;
  • Tilted angle VGA color touch-screen display;
  • Password-protected set-up and operation with several other radiation safety features;
  • GPS data included with sample information; 
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS, FCC, IEC 61010-1:2010.
  • Certified reference materials provided:
  • With AutoCatalyst (Ac) mode  - BAM EB504A
  • With General Alloys (G) mode  - 1/2 Mo 1 ¼ Cr and Al 6061
Niton XL5 Plus
Licensing/Registration: Licensing varies by region and might be required for the use of the Instrument. The user is responsible for the compliance with the local radiation safety requirements
Export restrictions: Instrument is under applicable U.S. regulations.
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