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Vibrating Milll/Pulverizer

Vibrating Mill/Pulverizer is a perfect tool to prepare samples for an extremely accurate XRF analysis by making powder more homogeneous.
With the useful sample volume up to 120 ml and using specifically designed cylinders this mill is able in less than 4 minutes convert the catalyst material to LAB precision powder for the most accurate XRF analysis.
Vibrating Mill Pulverizer
Vibrating Mill Pulverizer


Model: Vibrating Mill/Pulverizer
Dimensions of the device (H x W x L): 93 x 50 x 55 (cm)

Total volume of the grinding chamber: 400 ml
Useful volume of the grinding chamber (sample volume): 120 ml
Maximum size of the feed grains: up to 12mm (max. 18mm)
Minimal possible particle size of the product: < 40 µm   
The volume of the portion to be ground: 120 ml
Weight: 135 kg
Power specifications: 3x400V, 0.75kW, 2.1 A, 50 Hz
Milling cycle: Hard coal sample (approx. 150 g), with the initial grain size - 12 mm, for the analytical grain size -  0.2 mm, is sufficiently ground in 2 - 4 minutes  

Additional features: No dust formation (due to hermetically sealed grinding chamber), Effective grinding (freely moving grinding rings affected by vibration perfectly grind the samples), Adjustable pressure (for better sealing and hermeticity control), Adjustable timer (easy to control grinding time)  

Warranty period: 24 months

Production: Europe

Certificate: CE

Delivery terms: EXW Kaunas
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