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600 Series

  • The McIntyre 600 Alligator Shear has an extended blade length and has been designed for the fast and effective cleaning of car radiators.
  • The 600 has enough shear force to deal with a wide range of operations and materials including cleaning whole gearboxes, cylinder heads and blocks, over-sized gate valves and all non-ferrous materials.
  • It is also used extensively for cropping ferrous materials where the longer blade length is an advantage.
  • The 600 alligator shear can also be fitted with an optional catalytic converter bracket which can be used to recover valuable precious metals from waste catalytic converters.
Shear 600 CAT-GT JMC


  • MAX shear force 120 Tonnes

  • Motor 3-phase | 7.5 kW | 380 V | 1450 RPM

  • MAX system pressure 241 Bar

  • Blade length 608 mm

  • Shearing height 934 mm

  • Dry cycle speed (40 % stroke) Up to 21 cycles/min

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