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microPHAZIR™ Analyzer

MicroPhazir analyzers (hand-held NIR spectrometers) are used for fast identification of plastics, asbestos, pharmaceutical materials, narcotics and other materials. Analysis is nondestructive and takes just a few seconds.

The microPHAZIR Analyzer is battery powered and completely self-contained for truly portable NIR  analysis.

Save Time and Increase Inspection
Handheld design allows operators to perform analysis right in the warehouse.

Eliminate Operator and Material Exposure
Measures directly through plastic drum liners and glass containers.

100% Container Inspection
Convenient, non-invasive, sampling approach permits 100% container inspection without the proportional costs.

Improved Supply Chain Risk Management
Enables manufacturers to meet global GMP requirements, improve inventory management and reduce raw material supply risks.

HandHeld microPHAZIR
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