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1064Defender Raman Analyzer

Perform narcotics identification and chemical identification safely and quickly with the Thermo Scientific 1064Defender Raman Analyzer. The handheld 1064Defender analyzer is a truly flexible tool to meet your chemical identification needs. By offering user configurable scan profiles and expandable libraries, the 1064Defender Raman Analyzer removes the guess work and provides actionable results for confident and efficient decision making.

  • Ensure user safety with touchless, point and shoot scanning​

  • User flexibility—through a customizable interface—ensures you and the instrument are always in sync.​

  •  Solid chain of custody​

  • A comprehensive and expandable library of controlled substances, cutting agents, and precursors​

  •  Built for the life you lead​

  •  Our clear and intuitive interface offers two different modes of operation. ID Mode for detailed analysis of unknown chemicals

  •  Screener mode to monitor for the presence of critical chemicals​

1064Defender Thermo Fisher
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