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  • Crusher BG-01 corded is specifically designed to serve as a perfect tool to prepare powder sample for even more exact XRF analysis by making powder more homogeneous.
  • In less than 5 minutes handheld blade crusher converts 150 ml of the catalyst material into better fraction powder, which results in even more accurate XRF analysis.
  • Combined with the reliable German made Bosh rotator device it guarantees the most productive work in your site
BG-01 HandHeld crusher
BG-01 HandHeld crusher

Model: BG-01

Principle of operation: Cutting/impact
Dimensions of the device (H x W x L): 37 × 21 × 14.5cm – (with rotator device Bosch)

Useful chamber volume: 150 ml
Weight: 3.1 kg

Beater material: Steel (1 pcs. included)
Motor: Rotator device – Bosch GWS750CE
Power specifications: 220-240V, 50Hz, 750 W
Milling/cooling time: 1/5 min
Maximum speed: 11 000 rpm
Final fraction: 125 – 250 μm

Feed size/hardness: 8 mm/8 (Mohs)

Warranty period: 12 months

Production: Germany/Lithuania

Certificate: CE

Delivery terms: EXW Kaunas
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