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TruDefender™ FTX Handheld FTIR for Chemical Identification

When faced with an unknown chemical threat, every second counts. Quickly identify explosives or hazardous materials with Thermo Scientific™ TruDefender™ handheld analyzers. TruDefender FTX instrument harness the power of FTIR spectroscopy to provide fast, actionable data to mitigate potential threats and protect hazmat teams and the community. TruDefender analyzers have a self-contained anvil sampling head for easy sampling of solid and liquid chemicals in the field.

Fast, Accurate Identification
Returns results in seconds, even for complex mixtures.  

Improved Sampling Capability
New anvil sampling head for easier sampling and decontamination. Anvil rotates for easy sample placement and cleaning.  

Variable Pressure Knob  
Allows technician to determine appropriate pressure for a given sample.  

Easy to Clean  
Highly polished, rounded corners. No crevasses or friction points to trap debris or explosives residue.  

Liquid Containment Moat  
Helps prevent sample spills.  

Flexible Sampling
The reversible sampling accessory provides environmental protection for volatile liquids and enables easy sampling of prills.  

Easy to Use
Intuitive, menu-driven interface for fast training and proficiency.

TruDefender FTX Thermo Fisher
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